All about our handwoven products

All products for sale on our website are of our own design in terms of design and color scheme.

For handwoven, some unevenness may occur partly due to unevenness in the yarn, and partly due to the thread splices that are always present in handwoven fabrics. Splicing of yarn is made as imperceptible as possible, but in some cases an increased roughness can be noticed where the yarn is wrapped. All joints are made with a good margin. Due to the structure of the tissue, small yarn ends can appear on the sides of the tissue, especially the coarser yarns. These can easily be attached back to the fabric. Do not cut protruding ends without checking that there is a covering thread.

Handwoven products should in some cases be washed as delicate wash or may be hand washed. This is then noted on the tissue packaging or on the attached information sheets.

For products that have not been washed before delivery, a shrinkage occurs during washing. Follow the supplied washing instructions carefully.

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