About the Studio

Ateljé Kajsa is part of Gammeldags and also the part that is the main reason why the company Gammeldags was started in 1999.

The name it has received after the owner who, as a newborn girl, got the work name Kajsa by her mother. The weaving has been around since the age of 20 when the idea was that knowledge should be used in a future profession. Grandma's loom and a professional course in hand weaving, gave in-depth knowledge and a solid interest in hand weaving. The education, however, took a different path and the knowledge in the weaving was moved to the status relatively passive, but gained a considerable start when the professional life in the late 1990s took a new turn.

The equipment was expanded with several looms of different designs and complexity and the studio was built up with a focus on interior textiles. It has gradually narrowed to the areas that were most fascinating and allowed to develop more in depth than on the breadth.

Today, there are a number of looms with varying equipment, the vast majority are countermarch looms to facilitate pattern formation. There are also damask looms, smaller and larger looms. All looms do not fit in the studio but still have their place in the housing.

All fabrics manufactured in the studio are of ourown design. and we use environmentally produced products to the greatest extent possible in the production.

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